The Danish Startup Council is an organization based on a simple idea: We strive to increase Denmark’s visibility on the global entrepreneurial scene. The members of the council are startup community builders spanning a range of spheres: educational institutions, work collaboratives, and social networks.

Our shared agenda is to celebrate forward-thinking companies, while they are on the rise. We scout for the Danish startups that make it new and speak up about them, so they are recognised internationally.

The Danish Startup Council was envisioned by Rainmaking Loft, Scandinavia’s largest home for tech startups. The Danish Business Authority supports the project from 2015-2016.


UCPH Innovation HUB

Hub Manager Peter Ottesen

University of Copenhagen’s work environment that mentors students across academic fields, when they seek to develop and bring their entrepreneurial ideas to market.

Culture Workspace

Partner Christoffer Immanuel

Based in Aarhus, Culture Workspace is an incredibly diverse startup cluster founded by cultural entrepreneurs and occupying 4000 square metres.


Organizer Pia Ella Elmegård

Denmark’s main event for tech startups that promotes knowledge sharing between entrepreneurs and links them to their peers abroad and investors.


Managing Director Jakob Breddam

This non-profit initiative gives out yearly grants to entrepreneurs on the way up. At the heart of the effort is a wish to promote ideas that can improve society.


Dansk Iværksætterforening

President Christian Walther Øyrabø

Since 1985 Dansk Iværksætterforening has united and spoken on behalf of Danish entrepreneurs as a voice reaching out to politicians and traditional industries.


Organizer Eva Vedel

Denmark’s inspirational forum for entrepreneurs that once a year serves as an entry point to the whole scene for thousands of upcoming and established founders as well as their partners.


Managing Director Steen Donner

The startup collaborative works with the Technical University of Denmark in order to grow companies within the crossroads of tech and the areas of nutrition, sustainability, and medicine.


Office Manager Morten Dahlgaard

Aalborg University’s string of initiatives (including its own incubator) that supports the jump from research to business development for students, scholars, and graduates.


Section Manager Jan Bendtsen

The entrepreneurship centre manages several incubators at the University of Southern Denmark and puts special emphasis on interdisciplinary business ideas via its Cortex Lab.


Founder Niels Holst

A single point of entry online, Inno-overblik.dk displays all the resources in the Danish ecosystem. Whether you’re looking for mentoring, financing possibilities, an overview of events or startup collectives, this is a gateway worth paying a visit.

Current Activities

Look North: Introducing Denmark’s prime startup talents

How do you match the right startup with the right funding? It begins with a proper introduction. At the moment the Danish Startup Council’s main objective is connecting the nation’s startups with foreign venture capital funds.

Through a series of presentations, the world’s leading VC’s will meet the best Danish innovators in Copenhagen. The events give an overview of the talent mass right now. Our selection of young businesses is wide in scope. Health and food startups come together with fintech and media, and their founders have roots in all parts of the country.

These promising companies are focused on expansion and looking for investor partners to make it happen.

Be a part of the council

The Danish Startup Council accepts new members on an ongoing basis. You must support our mission of making Denmark known beyond our borders as a resource of entrepreneurs.

Furthermore it is required that you already serve a role as a community builder in the Danish ecosystem, locally or nationally.

Information for prospective members can be requested by contacting
project manager Johan Vardrup:

Meet the world's top venture funds

From Fall 2015 to Fall 2016 The Danish Startup Council will run the Look North Meetings, where foreign venture capital funds meet investment-ready Danish startups. We provide an informal spotlight and a platform for future relations.

If you are a startup with a strong growth plan, we would like to hear from you. Sometimes original business ideas develop quietly, and we haven’t discovered yours yet.

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